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Michelle and Vikki met while working together in the NHS for a community neuro rehabilitation team and have had some great successes at helping people overcome their difficulties.

Meet The Team

Michelle qualified in 2012 from the University of Surrey, and was motivated to establish Neuro Rehab Sussex after being diagnosed with FND in 2019. She was lucky enough to have received a good explanation of FND at diagnosis, but the waiting list for specialist follow up in London was two years. Therefore she had to work on her own recovery, which took a lot of time, compassion and dedication. The final piece of the puzzle was put in place in 2020, when she was privileged to start working in a neuro-rehabilitation team in her home town and started working and achieving positive results with people with FND in her clinical practice.  
Vikki has over 10 years experience working for the NHS with adults with neurological conditions. She specialises in working with people who have had a stroke or an acquired brain injury and has helped many adults with their communication and/or swallowing difficulties. Vikki is very approachable and always wants to make those she's working with feel comfortable. Her aim is to reduce your difficulties as much as possible whilst improving your quality of life by working with you either in person,
virtually via video calls, or indirectly through your family/friends or carers. 


Our Clinical Psychologist will listen to you and learn about how your difficulties are affecting you. You can then think together about how your experiences up until now may have influenced how you respond to your neurological symptoms in order to learn new and more helpful ways of managing your symptoms.

Speech and Language Therapist

Our Speech and Language Therapist provides life-improving treatment, support and care for adults who have difficulties with communication, eating, drinking or swallowing following neurological changes. 

A physiotherapist will assess mobility, balance and upper limb function, along with seating and postural assessments in conjunction with an OT.

An OT will assess and provide therapy for areas such as managing activities of daily living e.g. washing and dressing or cooking, vision, helping you return to work where possible etc.

A Rehab Technician will provide you with the necessary support and motivation to carry out a therapy programme set out by a clinician.

We can refer you to our partner organisations who specialise in treatment that connects the mind and the body, including acupuncture, yoga provided by a neurospecialist physio, massage and animal assisted therapy.

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